Proud to sponsor The Vancouver All Stars

For well over a decade Vancouver All Stars, through The G Force Gym, has been bringing the challenge of high level competitive Cheering and Tumbling to the greater Vancouver area. Salt Cave Wellness is both happy and proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the VAS Ice Queens and Ice Out teams.

We will be providing Salt Therapy and PEMF Therapy to these team members. Combined, these two therapies will help the teams in a variety of ways. The Salt Cave Therapy will help keep airways clear, reduce the effects of allergies and help defend against colds and flu. Our PEMF Therapy will aid with recovery and healing.

Have a great season everyone!

Tammy Cindric – Salt Cave Wellness
Vancouver Ice Queens at Salt Cave Wellness

After a couple sessions at the salt caves I felt rejuvenated! Suffering from asthma, I often find it hard to breathe when I have a cold. The salt caves helped me breathe clearer, and cleared up any sniffles I had. It was nice to feel better naturally, without having to take any medications! Breathing more clearly helps me be more productive during my day and at practice.

Cat Tham

Catherine Tram

I’ve had great results with PEMF therapy. It greatly lessened my chronic knee pain. On one occasion I also had severe Achilles tendon pain which disappeared after just one session. I would recommend Salt Cave Wellness to anyone suffering from any type chronic pain!

Hannah Buteau

Hannah Buteau
Tammy and StepTammy and Stef
Ice Queens in Salt Therapy
Ice Out